Area Myths and Legends

Every small town has its myths and legends that grow from mere tales of events  or acts into even taller tales embellished over the years into stories that blur together and become obscure in their origin. East Liverpool is no different from any other and this is an attempt to bring together a few of those tales in one place.

Here you will find the stories of famous people and stories of strange happenings in and around the East Liverpool, Tri-State area, like:
Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd. Well renowned  1930's gangster who was shot here in the East Liverpool area. The legend that has built up around Floyd is that he was a "Robin Hood" who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. There are also several stories of his death.
The surrender of General John Hunt Morgan near West Point.  A telegraph sent by Major General Rue said: "I captured John Morgan today at two o'clock P.M, taking 336 prisoners, 400 horses, and arms."
In an area of Beaver Creek State Park there are several legends.These stories take place in and around Sprucevale, a small community once a thriving village along the Sandy and Beaver Canal. Alas today, all that remains are an old mill, an old building and the remains of a couple of locks from the canal. The Legend of Gretchen's Lock along the Sandy & Beaver Canal, The Bride at the Bridge in Sprucevale (Esther Hale) and the Boy who hung himself at Sprucevale.
Fredericktown, Ohio has several legends and tales. Ira Mansfield a banker from Cannelton Pennsylvania once stated of Fredericktown in his book "Reminiscences", "It is noted for rapids, tragedies, and Hamilton Falls, eighty feet high, enrapt with legends of witches and picturesque cliffs". At the turn of the 19th to 20th Centuries Fredericktown was known as a vacation spot for weekend travelers and day trippers who spent much of their time in and around the beautiful valley of the Beaver creek. Here are just a few of the stories that center in the Fredericktown area. Hamilton House, Diamond Falls and the Lost Silver Mine.
There have even been tales of sightings of Bigfoot in this area.
Many people are interested in the myths and legends of our area if you have any other legends that you know of please contact us at the Library or you can e-mail us.  We will research the stories and include them on this page.