Fall Into Reading

Can you read a book for each prompt on the bingo board? 
Complete five boxes across, down, or diagonally to make a bingo.

Write the title and author's name for each book read for a prompt complete on the back of the bingo page. Note: one title per prompt; no repeating titles will count towards a bingo.

For the activity prompts, briefly write what you did for that activity. You can also tag the library on social media using the hashtag #CELbingo to share your activities.

Find review cards at the circulation desk if you chose to do the book review prompt.

When you get one bingo, bring your bingo card in to the circulation desk for library staff to approve...and to pick your prize!

When you get two bingos, turn in your bingo card to the circulation desk to be entered into a raffle for a grand prize!

Bingo cards must be turned in by Thursday, February 2, 2023 in order to be entered into the raffle or to collect your participation prize.