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Pottery Industries In East Liverpool Area 1910-1919

Year Established Date of
Name of Pottery & Their Successors Location (all sites E. Liverpool,OH unless specified) Ware Years in Business
1910   American Vitrified Products Co n/a n/a 1910-1968
1910   East Liverpool China & Enamel n/a n/a 1910
1910   Columbia China n/a n/a 1910
1911   East Liverpool Crockery Co n/a n/a c.1911
1911   Saxon China Co n/a n/a 1911-1929
1912   McNicol-Corns China Co n/a n/a 1912-1928
1912   Bel Mar China Co n/a n/a 1912
1912   Oakwood China Co n/a n/a 1912-c.1921
1912   Pittsburgh Tile Manufacturing Co State Line n/a 1912-c.1914
1912   Dresden Pottery Works 774 Dresden Ave n/a 1912-1914/ 1925-1927
  1914 Potters Mining & Milling Works -------"------- n/a 1914-c.1924
1913   East Liverpool Sanitary Manufacturing Co n/a n/a 1913-?
1914   Less Work Manufacturing Co n/a n/a 1914
1915   Hilton China Co n/a n/a c.1915
1919   Boch & Metsch Porcelain Co n/a n/a c.1919-?
1919   Hoyt China Co n/a n/a 1919-?
1919   Hoyt Brothers China Co n/a n/a 1919


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