2015 Summer Reading Program

2015 is the Summer of the Superhero. - Summer Reading Club is for all library users. We will have Story Time, Toddler Time, The Science of Superheroes, Guest Story Tellers, Book Discussion Group, take home activities, and reading incentives for school-aged guests. Teens and Adults have separate programs and incentives. Become a "Guardian of the Library" and earn a membership sign for your yard by reading this summer!

Running June 1 - July 29, 2015
Sign up begins June 1

The Summer Reading Club is open to all people using the Carnegie Public Library in East Liverpool. Club Members are generally school-aged youth or preschoolers.

A $2.00 donation is requested for each participant at sign up.**
Club Privileges:
PROGRAMS are hosted every Wed. They will be held at the Salvation Army.  The programs last one hour with guest librarians or special events & door prizes each week. See program listing for details. Pre-schoolers should be accompanied by school aged friends or family. Others may be left. Adults must be accompanied by children.
COUPON GAME is done in the children’s room.You pick up a paper with a question on it. Do the activity; hand in your answer. These go into a drawing to be held at the Wednesday programs.
SUPERHERO SCIENCE will be held in the library community room every Thursday at 2 p.m. Students age 7 and up are welcome. Group size is limited so you must sign up to attend. Sign up after each program for the following week.
MERIT POINTS are awarded to club members who attend programs, read, check out books and do activities this summer. Merit Points will earn you tickets for a chance to win a prize basket. Library staff will record program attendance, time read, activities completed and the number of times you checked out books from the library. Numbers will be based on papers YOU fill out and return.
LAST DAY TO EARN MERIT POINTS IS JULY 25. Tickets for the prize basket will be given throughout the summer Kim will do her best to ensure that everyone receives the appropriate number of tickets.

Wednesday, June 1                                             2 p.m.
Superhero Fun Facts - Learn some fun facts about comic book Superheroes; test your knowledge and superpowers with our own Kim.

[superhero 2] [superhero 1]

Wednesday, June 17                                           2 p.m.

Superhero Day - Come dressed as a superhero, get your picture taken as a comic book character, meet some superheroes, play games and win prizes.

Wednesday, June 24                                           2 p.m.
Superheroes R Us - Come practice your superhero abilities with Carrie from Columbiana.

Wednesday, July 1                                               2 p.m.
Unlikely Heroes - Noreen from East Palestine will be sharing stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Wednesday, July 8                                               2 p.m.
Villains - Let’s explore the bad guys we love to hate. Rachel from Wellsville will be giving us the low down.

Wednesday, July 15                                            2 p.m.
Anatomy Adventures-presented by Carnegie Science Center of Pittsburgh - Come hang out with professional scientists as we explore how your body is amazing.

Wednesday, July 22                                            2 p.m.
Community Heroes - A lot of people in our community do amazing things every day. Bridget from Lisbon will be sharing ideas on this topic.

Wednesday, July 29                                            2 p.m.
Renae from Salem will share some inspiring stories of animals that save the day.


We are asking that you bring a non-perishable food item to any Wednesday program you attend. The Salvation Army is donating their space to us this summer and as a thank you, we would like to help them by donating food. The donation of food is not required to attend a program.

We are continuing our reading challenge for dedicated readers through the summer. We will be reading a specific chapter book for each week and have a “readers only” meeting to talk about what we liked or didn’t about the book selected. We will also allow time to share other books worth reading. Students only - and oh yeah, did I mention the snacks?

Thursday, June 18     1 p.m.
A Million Ways Home by Dianna Winget
This book can be picked up June 8. All other books will be passed out at the prior meeting.

Thursday, June 25      1 p.m.
Rain Reign by Ann Martin

Thursday, July 9     1 p.m.
The Summer I Saved the World in 65 Days by Michele Hurwitz

Thursday, July 16     1 p.m.
Cartwheeling in Thunderstorms by Katherine Rundell


Enter a drawing for a weekly prize by answering the question on the coupon.  Ask for Details in the Children's Room.

*Stuffed Animal Contest
Thursday, June 11, 11a.m.

Bring a stuffed animal to the library to try for a prize! Prizes will be awarded for the Coolest, Most Huggable, Most Colorful, Silliest, Scariest, Best Dressed, Most Loved, Most Cheerful, Biggest, and Smallest animals registered, as well as, the Judges Choice. Prizes are awarded based on the judges' conception of these categories.
Registration will begin at 11 a.m., and will end for the judging to start at Noon. Prizes will be announced at 12:30 p.m. One entry per child. Animals can be picked up immediately after the publicity photos of the winners are taken.

*Toddler Time
For children birth to 36 months. Introduces toddlers and one care giver to the joys of language with one half hour of nursery rhymes, songs, and stories once weekly for six weeks.
Program Times: Monday 6 p.m., Tuesday 10 a.m.
Sessions begin June 1&2 - July 6&9
Sign up begins May 26
*Preschool Story Time
For children 3-6 years old. This is 45 minutes of stories, songs, and craft once weekly for 6 weeks. Children who are comfortable may be left in the room alone.
Story time: Mon 10 a.m., Thurs 6 p.m.
Sessions run June 1 & 4,- July 6 & 9
Sign up begins May 26. 

*Pool Party 
- at the Cartwright Pool/Thompson Park. A hot dog picnic is provided. Bring family and friends!
Cost: $1/person for Summer Reading Club Members and their guests.
Date: TBA
Time: 4-7 p.m.


*Reading Rewards
Pick A Prize - You can choose a prize from the left over prize bin when you read 5 days and every 5 days you read after that. At 25+ days you get additional prizes when you read 5 days.


Guardian Of The Library Sign - you can earn a super reader sign for your yard when you check out books on 5 different days. Signs are one per family unless you request otherwise.


*Superhero Science  —Thursday 2 p.m.
June 18 - July 23
We will be studying the science behind Superheroes.  Experiments will be led by library staff. Students age 7 - Up are welcome. 
You must sign up to attend. 
Sign up each week for the following week.
*Merit Point Prize Basket July 29 & 30
Merit Points will earn you tickets this year. Each ticket will go into a drawing for a prize basket at the end of the summer. One prize will be awarded on July 29th.​
Merit Points - Rules and Opportunities

Merit Points will be awarded based on papers YOU turn in.

READING LOG – 1 point for every 5 days/8pts max – Pick up a Reading Log, color in bubbles for each day you have read. It counts the same if you are reading or someone reads to you. You can read LIBRARY books/ebooks/magazines/audio books, or books/ebooks/magazines/audio books from anywhere else. I would say a reading day is a day you have read 20 minutes or more. You decide based on YOUR child’s ability to sit still and reading skill if this is a good earmark at YOUR house.  The last day to turn in reading logs is July 25th.

CHECK OUT LIBRARY BOOKS – 1point/book return – Put your name, and phone number and age group (child, teen, or adult) on the back of your check out slip and turn it in for points.

EARN A GUARDIAN OF THE LIBRARY SIGN – 5 points – Check out books and turn in slips as directed above. Turning in 5 slips with 5 different checkout dates at the top will earn you a sign for your yard plus these 5 additional points.

ATTEND A LIBRARY PROGRAM – 1point/program – Any library program you attend, will gain you points. Attendance will be taken or door prize slips will account for attendance.

COUPON GAME – 1point/week – There is a different question to be answered in the children’s room each week. If you participate, whether your answer is right or wrong, you will get 5 points and be entered into a drawing for candy. Winners are drawn at the Wednesday programs.

INCENTIVE GAME – 5 points/summer – Complete 8 of the activities on the sheet (you can pick these up at the library). You must color in the activities you did, put your name and phone number on the paper, have an adult initial/sign your paper, put it in the box at the library. You will only get points for this 1 time.

SUPERHERO LOG – 5pts/summer – Complete this page alone or as a family. Do 8 of the activities on the sheet. You must color in the activities you did, put your name and phone number on the paper, have an adult initial/sign your paper, put it in the box at the library. You will only get points for this 1 time.

GRAND PRIZE –Collecting points will earn you prizes as you go. They will also earn you tickets to put in a drawing for the GRAND PRIZE.  One grand prize drawing winner will be selected at the library program on July 29th.

JULY 25 – This is the last day to turn in papers for points. 

Every Hero has a Story
Get your superhero game on in 2015.

Library Hours:
Monday AND Thursday      9a.m. - 7p.m.
Tuesday AND Wednesday  9a.m. - 5p.m.
Friday AND Saturday         9a.m. - 1p.m.

**We will again be asking for a $2 donation at the time of sign up. This money will be used entirely to defray the cost of the on going summer programming. Additional donations will be happily accepted. Arrangements will be made for those unable to afford the initial expense.

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